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What is the structure of the GMAT exam

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I want to know that what are the parts of a gmat exam and how they are divided or how we classify them according to marks weightage and time and number of questions
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The GMAT exam is divided into 4 sections, 

GMAT Test Section # of Questions Duration Question Types
Analytical Writing 1 30 min Analysis of Argument
(Argument is from list of essays available on the GMAT website)
Integrated Reasoning (IR) 12 30 min
Multi-Source Reasoning
Graphics Interpretation
Two-Two Part Analysis
Table Analysis
Quant 37 75 min
Data Sufficiency
Problem Solving
Verbal 41 75 min
Reading Comprehension
Critical Reasoning
Sentence Correction


The total exam duration is roughly around 3 hr 30 min. You get two optional 8 min breaks after the Integrated Reasoning and Quant Section.

The marks of the Analytical Writing section are reported between 1-6. You can easily score >5, if you argument is properly structured. Refer to chinese burned gmat essay guide.

The IR section is score from 1-8.

The Quant & Verbal section are both scored from 1-51. The combined Quant & verbal score is used to calculate your score out of 800. 
All the questions are important. You have to answer all the questions. GMAT places a very heavy penalty for not completing the exam. Since, the exam is adaptive so the initial questions on the section have higher weightage( but the exact algorithm of the exam is not known). GMAT itself mentions that the algorithm is self correcting hence by the end of the exam it will try to judge your level and give questions accordingly. 

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