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GMAT Offical Guide 2015 Data Sufficiency Ques Classification

Open 0 Answers 52 Views Data Sufficiency
S.No. Classification Sub Classicication Notes
7 Number Problem Probability  
10 FDP Percents  
12 Algebra Formulas  
14 Word Problem Statistics  
15 Word Problem Statistics  
16 Number Problem Positives & Negatives Really, this one's about zero—the "third" category!
18 Number Problem Positives & Negatives Crosses into algebra.
19 Word Problem Overlapping Sets  
20 Algebra Exponents & Roots  
21 FDP Percents  
23 FDP Percents  
26 Geometry Circles & Cylinders Also polygons.
27 Geometry Coordinate Plane Draw this one out!
29 FDP Ratios  
34 FDP FDPs  
37 Algebra Quadratic Equations  
38 Algebra Formulas  
39 Algebra Quadratic Equations Know what you're solving for.
40 FDP Percents Percents vs. real numbers...
41 Algebra Exponents & Roots Test cases.
46 Word Problem Translations Test cases.
48 Word Problem Rates & Work  
49 Geometry Polygons Test cases.
50 Number Problem Probability  
51 Geometry Polygons  
54 Number Problem Positives & Negatives Crosses into exponents.
55 FDP Ratios  
60 Word Problem Consecutive Integers Test cases.
64 FDP Percents  
67 FDP Percents Percents vs. real numbers...
73 Geometry Coordinate Plane  
77 FDP Ratios  
80 Algebra Inequalities  
83 Word Problem Extra Problem Types  
84 Word Problem Rates & Work  
86 Geometry Circles & Cylinders Another 3D problem.
92 Word Problem Weighted Averages Use the teeter totter! (A technique from our book)
94 Algebra Exponents & Roots Crosses into linear equations.
115 Geometry Polygons  
121 Number Problem Divisibility & Primes Another one where you have to learn the weird definition.
134 Word Problem Rates & Work  
135 Word Problem Statistics  
136 Geometry Coordinate Plane Notice that they told you the three are straight lines...
137 Geometry Triangle & Diagonals  
150 Word Problem Overlapping Sets  

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