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Took the GMAT exam..scored 690....what should I do?

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I appeared the GMAT exam earlier this month and scored 690(could have been much better).

My Profile:

  1. Work Ex-2 years with Wipro Technologies. Providing services to Novartis Pharmaceuticals one of the major revenue generators for Wipro.
  2.  I have good knowledge of Computer languages like Java,Unix,C,C++ etc. 

10th-92% 12th-78% GPA-3.3

Extra curricular Activities:

  1. Was one of the core committee members for Training and Placement Department(one of the most important department for the college)
  2. Was an active member of the organizers committee for different activities in the college.
  3. Successfully completed my internship from Bharat Electronics Limited, and also completing a project on Antenna and Radar.
  4. Successfully completed all my major and minor projects during the college.


Please suggest if I could get into some good B-Schools in US with scholarship or I should consider retaking the exam.

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Career Preamble

Dear Sagar,

Overall you have a very balanced profile, and therefore you are a good candidate to take up MBA as a means to move forward in your career. Having said that, it is important to note that a perfect MBA candidate profile is usually balanced, with a strong spike in at least 1 or 2 areas. So for example you could have been ok in all aspects of your profile but with a spike in extra-curriculars. Say you went to Sudan for teaching kids there. Alternatively, you could have been a world traveller with knowledge of multiple languages. Or you could have done superlatively well in school or college with a Dean's award under your belt. Or you could have a couple of papers published in reputed journals or perhaps a patent in your name.

Another alternative is a good GMAT score, coupled with good progress (shown by promotions etc.) at work. This would be a good signal to the B-school that you are a worthy candidate. 690 as a GMAT score is good if you have spikes in other areas of your profile. In your specific case, either you are being modest about your achievements or you actually have an average profile. If case of the latter, you need to work on your GMAT score. If you sincerely believe that you can work on your GMAT score, you should consider a retake. If not, you have the following 3 options:

1. Consider good tier-2 B-schools like Olin School of Business in St. Louis which are undervalued because of location but are otherwise high-quality

2. Consider taking GRE which many B-schools have started accepting but where the comparison is not as tough as in the case of GMAT

3. Consider working for a couple of more years, create spikes in your profile by actively working on interest areas so as to make yourself more attractive as a candidate

We hope this answer will play a constructive role in your application process. Please feel free to reach us at for any queries. Wishing you all the best in your future endeavors.


Team Career Preamble

answered May 31, 2016 by Beginner (1 point)
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