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GMAT Official Guide '15 Problem Solving Question Classification

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S.No. Classification Sub Classicication Notes
1 FDP Percents  
2 FDP Fractions  
3 Algebra Linear Equations  
11 FDP Percents  
13 Geometry Polygons Crosses into algebra.
14 Algebra Linear Equations  
15 Word Problem Statistics  
17 Number Problem Positives & Negatives Crosses into absolute value.
18 Geometry Triangles & Diagonals Crosses into percent
21 FDP FDPs  
25 Algebra Linear Equations  
27 Word Problem Extra Problem Types  
30 FDP Percents  
31 Geometry Polygons Crosses into ratios and linear equations.
33 Geometry Triangles & Diagonals  
38 Algebra Divisibility & Primes  
39 Algebra Formulas  
43 Number Problem Divisibility & Primes Interesting disguise.
44 Geometry Coordinate Plane Unusual: not a linear graph.
45 Geometry Polygons Crosses into algebra. Can do a work
forwards / work backwards combo.
55 FDP Percents  
56 Algebra Formulas  
57 Algebra Quadratic Equations  
59 Word Problem Rates & Work Annoying numbers! How can you make the math easier? (Hint: how much do you really need to do?)
60 Geometry Coordinate Plane  
61 Algebra Inequalities  
63 Algebra Formulas Can you follow the weird instructions?
66 FDP Fractions  
67 FDP Digits & Decimals  
68 Number Problem Divisibility & Primes Crosses into quadratic equations. Consecutive integer disguise!!
69 FDP Percents Smart numbers (but tricky to pick good numbers; think carefully)
70 Geometry Circles & Cylinders Crosses into triangles.
73 Geometry Polygons Crosses In quadratic equations.
75 Geometry Coordinate Plane  
76 Word Problem Rates & Work  
82 Algebra Formulas Crosses into percents.
83 Number Problem Divisibility & Primes This one is like #68 in some very interesting ways. How?
85 Algebra Exponents & Roots  
86 Geometry Circles & Cylinders A cheese ball? Hahaha. 3D Geo.
87 Word Problem Consecutive Integers Crosses into inequalities.
88 Word Problem Statistics Careful with the given definition.
89 Word Problem Overlapping Sets  
91 Word Problem Overlapping Sets Crosses into percents.
97 Algebra Formulas  
99 FDP Percents Avoid smart numbers (look at the answer choices!).
107 Word Problem Weighted Averages Big disguise!
108 Number Problem Divisibility & Primes  
111 Word Problem Weighted Averages Another good one for a "hybrid" work backwards. Use logic to eliminate 3 answers, then work backwards on the remaining two.
114 Word Problem Weighted Averages Just like the last one!
117 Number Problem Combinatorics  
122 Geometry Triangles & Diagonals Smart numbers.
125 Geometry Triangles & Diagonals Smart numbers.
134 FDP Fractions Smart numbers. A little messy but can be done.
136 Number Problem Probability  
137 Word Problem Weighted Averages Work backwards. Use the teeter-totter.
139 Geometry Triangles & Diagonals Drawn to scale...
142 Geometry Circles & Cylinders Smart numbers. Theory works nicely too, if you know it.
153 Geometry Coordinate Plane  


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