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A year ago, Dietz Foods launched a yearlong advertising campaign for its canned tuna.

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A year ago, Dietz Foods launched a yearlong advertising campaign for its canned tuna. Last year Dietz sold 12 million cans of tuna compared to the 10 million sold during the previous year, an increase directly attributable to new customers brought in by the campaign. Profits from the additional sales, however, were substantially less than the cost of the advertising campaign. Clearly, therefore, the campaign did nothing to further Dietz's economic interests.

Which of the following, if true, most seriously weakens the argument?

(A) Sales of canned tuna account for a relatively small percentage of Dietz Foods' profits.
(B) Most of the people who bought Dietz's canned tuna for the first time as a result of the campaign were already loyal customers of other Dietz products.
(C) A less expensive advertising campaign would have brought in significantly fewer new customers for Dietz's canned tuna than did the campaign Dietz Foods launched last year.
(D) Dietz made money on sales of canned tuna last year.
(E) In each of the past five years, there was a steep, industry-wide decline in sales of canned tuna.

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Let us annotate,
P1) Sales Increased from 10 to 12 Million ( new customers )  -> attributed to campaign
P2) Profit from new customers << cost of campaign
Conclusion : Campaign did not help much
This is a weaken question we need an answer which shows that campaign was actually better off in improving the sales. A) OOS
B) OOS - does not weaken
C) OOS - does not weaken, the campaign brought customers whether less expensive or more.
D) This does not help us say that campaign helped
E) Yes, if this campaign increased sales during a time when sales of canned tuna was hit badly.
So E is the answer
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