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GMAT Journey of Avidipto Chakraborty and his quest to 730

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The GMAT - A Little Help


The point of writing this small note is to help you save some time (finding the right material is what took up a majority of my prep time) and to guide you with how to use the resources in the best possible way. I’ll keep this as short and basic as possible.


STEP 1: Familiarize

There are 5 broad categories of questions in Quant (Problem Solving and Data Sufficiency) and Verbal (Sentence Correction, Critical Reasoning and Reading Comprehension). Before giving your first mock, you should have faced at least some questions of each of these types.

Open the Diagnostic Test section of “The Official Guide for GMAT Review 2015” (or any other version of the OG) and attempt all the questions from this section. (Unlike the book, I will suggest you to time these sections. See how much time you take to complete each section).

Rate yourself. Keep this rating handy to check your progress later.

STEP 2: First Mock

Yes, you read that right. I cannot stress enough on the importance of an early mock exam. Download the GMATprep software from You will get 2 free tests with the software.

These tests are immensely accurate and resemble the actual exam the most (among all other available tests).

STEP 3: Analyse

This is something I started doing very late in my preparation. Analyse every question you get wrong/guess/cannot complete in the permissible time. Just google the beginning phrase of the question and go through the answers on the Manhattan/gmatclub forum.

This is really important. (I knew I needed to work on my SC after my first mock. Similarly, find out what your weak areas are.)

STEP 4: Study - Mock - Analyse - Repeat

GMAT is sometimes correctly referred to as a test of stamina, thus giving weekly mocks (more frequently when your exam is near) is of utmost importance.

In spite of this, filling the gaps in your concepts cannot be substituted by mocks. You NEED to study. After a mock, figure out what changes you need to make. These changes can range from learning something new to improving your speed on some sub category of questions.

The resources are divided into 3 categories (this categorization is based on the similarly named folders - for those who took the study material from me):

1.    Must Go Through 

2.    Can Go Through 

3.    Unnecessary 

I did not study the resources in the “Unnecessary” category, so I will not go into the details of those resources.

Must Go Through resources were absolutely critical for me. Other than the Official Guide, these resources are as follows:

Data Sufficiency - Veritas

Sentence Correction - Manhattan

Critical Reasoning - Manhattan

Can Go Through resources are important, but not vital. You can go through them after completing the “Must Go Through” resources. They are as follows:

Quant - GMATclub book

Reading Comprehension - Manhattan Critical Reasoning - Powerscore

MGMAT video sessions - Especially the videos on SC splitting-and-resplitting and Time strategy!

For AWA, go through the following link about a week before your exam:

 Read GMAT Club Chinese Burned Essay Template

Practice the AWA on at least 2 mock exams.

Online Resources

1.    GMAT forum. This website has answers to all your GMAT related queries. 

2.    E-gmat. This website offers some free videos (some of them are very helpful) and practice tests. 

3.    Veritas question bank. Good for getting used to answering questions on a computer screen. 

Free Mocks

1.    2 GMATprep mocks. You might want to use the second one a little late in your preparation. 

2.    Manhattan Free CAT - Good one 

3.    Veritas Free CAT - I found this to be on the tougher side 

Low priority mocks: 

4.    Economist - Just for practice 

5.    Kaplan - Just for practice 

6.    GMATpill - Just for practice 
Mocks You Might Want To Buy

1.    GMATprep Exam Pack 1. This includes 2 new mocks. 

2.    Manhattan CATs. This includes 5 new mocks. (Manhattan mocks provide the best post-mock analysis). 

3.    Veritas CATs. This includes 6 new mocks. 


All in all, the GMAT is a really easy exam. 30 days of uninterrupted preparation is more than enough to get you that 99th percentile!

All the best.

The following article was contributed by Avidipto Chakraborty on Avengers Group


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