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Innovative Opportunities at the University of California’s Business Schools by mbaMission

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Thanks to its proximity to the Tech Coast, the  Paul Merage School of Business at the University of California (UC), Irvine , offers significant opportunities for students with an eye toward innovative business. Indeed, an emphasis on innovation and business pioneering is built directly into what Merage calls its “visionary curriculum,” supplementing conventional business disciplines with four core, cross-disciplinary areas: strategic innovation, information technology, analytic decision making, and collaborative execution. In addition, several of Merage’s special course offerings and programs showcase the school’s commitment to putting students in contact with the rapidly shifting face of business. The “EDGE” course, for example, offers a notable opportunity to gain cutting-edge insight into the relationship between business trends, globalization, and technology. Similarly, through the school’s MBA Applied Consulting Project, students have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience with current business practices by working directly with locally based global companies for a ten-week period. Merage students can also participate each year in the university-wide New Venture Competition, whose winners collectively claim more than $100K in funding for their proposed start-up ventures. At the  UC Davis Graduate School of Management —under the same university umbrella but approximately an eight-hour drive from the Merage School of Business—the full-time MBA program is focused on preparing students to become innovative leaders. Leadership is woven into the curriculum in the form of core courses, a ten-week management capstone course, and the Leadership Fellows Program, which, in partnership with recruiting firm Korn Ferry, offers students leadership assessment using the UC Davis MBA Leadership Competency Model, coaching, and a Personal Leadership Development Plan.
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