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[New Feature] GMAT Scorer to help you estimate your GMAT Score

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GMAT Scorer Feature

As you start your preparation for your GMAT one of the key problems you face is that "What is my current score?", "If I take GMAT Prep Test, i would waste an entire exam". At GmatXchange we understand this concern of yours. ​We have launched a new feature to estimate your "GMAT scorer" by solving a few problems. Our algorithm estimates your score as you solve the problems on by choosing the right answer. You can find your score on the right side of your Desktop Screen (as shown in the following pic) or at the bottom of the page of your Mobile Screen.


How to enable the feature?

1) You need t logged in to use the feature, because we need to record your responses to calculate the score.  If you are not logged in, your score will look like this. Click here Sign Up 

2) Navigate to Questions marked with the difficulty level like 700-800, 500-600 or 600-700. You will find a timer and place to record your answers as highlighted in the following image. You can try this on this example Question: Neanderthals had a vocal tract that resembled

3) Choose the right answer. And you will see a prompt whether you answered the question correctly or not. You can also checkout the what is best approach to the right answer at the top of the stack of answers.

4) GMAT Score estimator requires you to solve 5 questions to gauze an estimate your score. You can try the following questions to get started.

Happy GMATing 

In case of any issues, you contact us at

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