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mbaMission Offers New Webinar for Family Business MBA Applicants by mbaMission

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mbaMission Offers New Webinar for Family Business MBA Applicants You work for your family-run business and have decided to pursue an MBA. But now you are left wondering if your family business experience will bolster your candidacy or if admissions committees ultimately view this kind of background as a weakness. You may be wondering how you will translate your unique business experience to the admissions committee or perhaps even how to legitimize your success compared to the rest of your target program’s applicants—which can number in the thousands! In some ways, the MBA Admissions Office’s job is to place shrewd bets on applicants ultimately becoming strong business leaders. So, those who seek to join (or rejoin) their family business post-MBA can be a coveted subset of the applicant pool, because they have clearer avenues to professional success. However, those who already have family business experience can face challenges in legitimizing their workplace accomplishments, securing credible recommendations, and proving that they will be solely committed to the MBA experience—along with other important elements of crafting a compelling application. Meanwhile, those with external experience to date can be concerned that they will be perceived as suddenly transitioning to the “easy” path or that they may not be able to demonstrate that they are ready to assume significant leadership positions immediately after completing their MBA. As a family business applicant, you can build a compelling application that sets you apart and eventually earns you that coveted letter of acceptance—you simply need the tools to do so! Join us on Thursday, June 14, 2018, for Challenges and Opportunities for the Family Business Applicant , a brand-new, completely free webinar for family business applicants. In this webinar, we will advise on precisely the kinds of issues that can affect your candidacy, including recommender selection, resume construction, and how to tactfully discuss certain topics in essays and interviews. Join us to learn how to bolster your strengths and mitigate your weaknesses as a family business applicant so you can be at your most competitive throughout the admissions process! Space is limited, so be sure to reserve your spot by enrolling for free today .
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