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mbaMission Consultant Spotlight: Rachel Hyman by mbaMission

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At mbaMission, our consultants are more than just graduates of the world’s top MBA programs—we are also expert communicators who possess an unparalleled knowledge of the admissions process. Each week, we highlight one member of our team who has committed his/her professional life to helping you get into business school. Rachel Hyman, mbaMission Senior Consultant A former admissions officer at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management—where she assessed applications, conducted interviews, and made final recommendations on candidates—Rachel Hyman leverages her enthusiasm, dedication, and depth of experience to help individuals crystallize their story and bring their best self forward to achieve their personal goals. After graduating with a degree in economics and marketing from the undergraduate program at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, Rachel joined Oracle Corporation’s marketing team at the company’s world headquarters in the San Francisco area. While there, she became an active alumni admissions interviewer for her alma mater. Inspired by the impact of collaborative work environments and strong leadership she experienced firsthand, Rachel decided to pursue an MBA at Kellogg, majoring in marketing, strategy, and finance. There, she was co-president of the High Tech Club and an active member of the Kellogg Marketing Club and the Women’s Business Association. Rachel then returned to San Francisco, where she led marketing and strategy at Oracle, Motorola, and E*Trade before starting her own strategic consultancy, advising emerging high tech, health and wellness, and higher education firms. She also helped build and drive growth for a large nonprofit in the area, in the capacity of chief marketing officer. A move back to Chicago prompted her to merge her passion for helping others with her belief in the power of the MBA degree, which in turn led her to join Kellogg’s admissions team and ultimately mbaMission. Quick Facts: Received MBA from: The Kellogg School of Management
Undergraduate Field of Study: Economics and Marketing at The Wharton School
Fields worked in before mbaMission: Admissions Officer at Kellogg; Marketing and Strategy Consultant for technology firms and health/wellness entrepreneurs; Marketing and Strategy Exec at Oracle, E*Trade, Motorola and non-profit organizations
Working Style: Collaborative partner, seasoned coach, trusted advisor
Five things you want your clients to know about you: Watch Rachel’s video:  Do you want to speak with Rachel about your business school prospects? Sign up for a free 30-minute consultation here .
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