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Earn an MBA in Canada at the Rotman School of Management or Ivey Business School by mbaMission

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One of Canada’s top-ranked business schools for finance—the University of Toronto’s  Rotman School of Management —benefits from the leadership of a foremost figure in the nation’s financial sector. After Roger Martin stepped down as the school’s dean, Tiff Macklem, the former senior deputy governor of the Bank of Canada, assumed the role in 2014 for a five-year term. Rotman, which was ranked second among Canadian MBA programs by the  Financial Times  in 2018 and 22nd among programs outside the United States by Bloomberg Businessweek in 2017, underwent significant growth under Martin’s deanship, in both campus size and endowment. Macklem’s appointment as dean suggests a continued rise in Rotman’s academic profile and its reputation for financial education. “He has vast experience managing large institutions, translating academic research into public policy, and representing Canada on the world stage,” stated the university’s vice president and provost. In addition to its finance-related strengths, Rotman offers a rather unique approach to core business pedagogy. Relying on what it terms “integrative thinking,” Rotman’s teaching model challenges the compartmentalization of traditional functional areas. Students complete a series of core courses in their first year that emphasize generalized business skills and the ability to think across functional disciplines. In their second year, they are given the option to choose from among 16 different major areas, while supplementing their focus with a broader array of elective courses. Approximately 125 miles from Rotman, at the University of Western Ontario, stands  Ivey Business School , which the  Financial Times  ranked as the third-best Canadian MBA program in 2018. The Ivey MBA program runs over the course of one year and is, according to the school’s Web site, designed for “high-achieving leaders who are ready to accelerate their career success.” At Ivey, MBA students take part in real-world projects and can benefit from optional global learning opportunities and career management guidance, in addition to taking such core courses as “Leveraging Information Technology,” “Managing Financial Resources,” and “Communicating Effectively.” Study trips are available to Asia and South America during the electives period, while the Ivey Field Project allows students to form teams and work with real companies to find a solution for an issue or an opportunity before presenting their findings to the company.
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