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Cornell MBA Impact Essay

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2017-2018 At Cornell we value students, who create impact. Please indicate the opportunities for impact that you’ve identified through engagement with our community and describe how what you learned has influenced your decision to apply to Johnson. (500 words)

Cornell Impact Essay targets 3 main goals:

1) to get a guarantee that an applicant has thoroughly learnt all Cornell's advantages and opportunities;

2) to obtain a clear view of an applicant's plans of allocation himself/hersel in Cornell's community and environment;

3) to be assured that those plans would not only benefit an applicant, but also bring considerable value to a Cornell MBA cohort.

Bringing all 3 goals together in 1 essay with 500-word limit is a rigorous task. So I'd like to share the experience and ideas of our successfl applicants and give some tips on how to beat the essay. First, divide your future impact activities into 3 parts, which would cover particular areas:

- extra activities in Clubs, on forums, at conferences and other events

- activities within an MBA class

- networking activities

By linking all 3 areas with your post-MBA goals and main Cornell's values, you could easily reach the target. For example, if your post-MBA goal is to grow further in your company and gain a CEO position or expand your activities globally, you should be interested in active participation in Cornell's Strategic Games, or Human Capital or General Management groups. Activities within your MBA class community may include sharing your professional experience and skills: think of the knowledge and skills, which could be unique and interesting for your mates. For instance, if you have worked with emerging market, or in a multinational team or launched and led a project, which considerably impacted your development and organization - such experience may be interesting for your mates. Besides, your networking activities could also include not only your plans to call or meet HR managers or recruiters for the companies you are going to get practice in, but sharing your own network (partners, clients, colleagues, alumni etc.), which would enrich your mates' community and help them link with necessary persons, if they are planning to do business in your area. To make your networking part of an essay concise and argumentative, make the list of persons within your network with their backgrounds and write your arguments of including them in the list of recommended network.

Summarize your essay by linking all 3 areas with your expected outcomes to determine your value for the Cornell's community in 3-4 words.


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