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Yale MBA Admissions Video Questions

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For 2017-2018 MBA admissions Yale requires to answer video questions by giving 20-30 seconds for preparation with each. Alongside traditional questions like: "What would you say are your strengths and weaknesses.", "Most significant accomplishment" or "How did you contribute to your company/organization?" Yale is interested to know a lot more about its MBA applicants: as persons, future leaders, team players, creators and great thinkers. For example, some video questions sound like: "What are your personal steps to conflict resolution?", "Do you think technology divides or unites us?" or "Without Arts, an education can not be accomplished” Do you agree or disagree? why?"
To be prepared for any questions possible, it would be great to list 20-30 questions and train your answers beforehand. Combine your list with 3 groups of questions: 1) about your challenges/weaknesses and how you have overcome them; 2) about your strengths/achievements; 3) about yourself (hobbies, interests, friends (e.g. "What qualities would your friends use to describe you."), creativity, traveling etc.). make your own short stories (5-7) for each group, write them down and read them aloud to somebody else. Follow the time limit and cut off your stories accordingly. Ask your listeners what they have remembered about you in the end.

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