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Building a List of Post-MBA Target Companies by mbaMission

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In this new blog series, our mbaMission  Career Coaches  offer invaluable advice and industry-related news to help you actively manage your career. Topics include building your network, learning from mistakes and setbacks, perfecting your written communication, and mastering even the toughest interviews. To schedule a free half-hour consultation with one of our mbaMission Career Coaches,  click here . Once you have identified your target post-MBA career, it is time to build a list of target companies. Typically, we at mbaMission recommend starting with eight to 15 companies—a robust list, but one that is not too overwhelming. The first step is to identify the criteria by which a company does (or does not) make it onto your list. Your criteria might include some (or all) of the following items: * These items may be difficult to assess without talking with people who work at a potential company of interest. Second, consider utilizing some of the following resources to identify potential target companies: Third, enter your list of target companies in an Excel file, and then organize them by your level of interest and/or your connection to the firm. This ranking will influence when and how you approach each company. Finally, begin conducting research into your target companies. Look for contacts (i.e., people you know who either work there or are acquainted with employees at those companies) who might be willing to conduct an informational meeting with you. Identifying the right target companies for you is a critical part of your job search process. Our career coaches are happy to help you navigate the above steps and to brainstorm companies in your areas of interest. Contact us for a free career consultation today ! Have you been admitted to business school? If so, do you want to get a head start on defining your career goals? Do you need help preparing for job interviews or learning how to effectively network with your target employers? Or maybe you want to be a top performer in your current role but are unsure how to maximize your potential. Let an mbaMission Career Coach help via a  free 30-minute consultation !
This article first appeared here Building a List of Post-MBA Target Companies by mbaMission

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