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Debrief from the Columbia Business School Session in Bangalore on 12th July, 2017

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So here is my debrief about the CBS event today :
Started with a meet and greet session – where everyone was asked to introduce themselves along with their post mba goals.
The session/slides covered everything from the opportunities with CBS , its curriculum , essays, interviews the whole process and blah blah blah. The following is the blah blah blah summary :
• There are two intakes Aug and Jan, where Jan is specifically for those folks who are very clear about their goals, already have good connection in the industry and thus don’t want to take up the internships and most likely will not make a drastic switch (Industry/function/country)
• Although Columbia is known for finance, it has amazing electives and diverse courses to choose from(adcom officer mentioned around 4k electives from journalism, law, healthcare etc.)
• The classroom culture is amazing – when I say amazing, you will see you are discussing a case in the class and suddenly the CEO of that company who is linked with that case will pop up from behind the class (a lot of times) and for one specific subject – you will get to meet a new CEO every time in the new lecture.
• The classes are from Monday – Thursday and there will be special seminars on Friday which includes big data, economical management  etc..
• You will have opportunity to be part of various clubs, educational tours, world tours etc.
• For networking; the class will be divided into cohorts of 60 along with a special study group which you will get – where you will have ample amount of opportunity to interact with each other which will be shuffled in 2nd year.
• There are lot of retired CEO’s and executives who live in the campus with whom You can setup a meeting anytime for a career advise.
• Being in NY – it is very easy to approach any company’s executive and setup a meeting around the corner (a big +)
• The alumni network is best in the US , Europe and then in Asia and Latin America. (tight knit community – where you can reach out to anyone)
Application Tips :
• Resume should be in sync with the essays application (very important)
• Essays have changed to some extent (pls reach out me out on the advice for each essay)
• You can either apply for early round where you have to commit to go with CBS only and all the applications are processed based on a rolling decision which means that you will get to know about the interview within 6 weeks of your application submission and your final call within post 4 weeks of your interview (no specific date aligned)
• For a consideration on  scholarships – please submit your application by Jan 5, 2018!
and yes there is a huge huge scope of healthcare - they specifically stressed on that
Please let me know for any specific questions further

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I just started reading this and in between, the second bullet point, I read Columbia??!! This is about Booth, right?! Big Typo.
answered Jul 13, 2017 by Beginner (1 point)
Thanks for correcting. Big Typo!!
commented Jul 13, 2017 by Guru (5,808 points)
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