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Explore International Opportunities Inside and Outside the Classroom at UCLA Anderson by mbaMission

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Although UCLA Anderson might not be as well known internationally as other top-ranked U.S. business schools, it has invested in the development of resources dedicated to international business. The school’s international courses include “International Business Economics,” “Global Operations Strategy,” and “Business and Economy in Emerging Markets”—the latter explores market reform processes in such destinations as China, paying particular attention to issues including privatization, political and economic risk, and global competitiveness. Meanwhile, approximately 40 fully employed, executive, global executive, and full-time MBA students take part in each of the Global Immersion Program courses, which include completing three to four classes at the school before spending a week abroad exploring the local culture, visiting companies, and participating in lectures. The program commenced in 2008 for fully employed and executive MBA students, and it expanded in 2010 to include full-time MBA candidates. Since its launch, the program has been conducted more than 50 times, and participants have traveled to such countries as China, India, Peru, South Africa, and Saudi Arabia. Courses in recent years have included “Doing Business in Central Europe,” “The Economic Environment and Business Opportunities in Chile,” and “Business Opportunities in an Indebted Country.” Indeed, at Anderson, international opportunities (quietly) abound. For more information on other defining characteristics of the MBA program at UCLA Anderson or one of 15 other top business schools, please check out the  mbaMission Insider’s Guides .
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