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Vivaan's debrief on how he scored 740 on the GMAT

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My GMAT Debrief

Let’s get straight into the meat of things. I have broken down this into four parts.

I managed to score Q49, V42 Overall 740 and 110 on the Toefl. I wanted to take some time to share my debrief. I thought it would useful for the guys who are preparing.

Part A - Preparation


Step 1 – Used the GMAT Club Math book to get and study all the formulae. It’s a great 120 pager and covers all the relevant stuff. Do create your own short version of the book to study on test day or mark the important stuff out to cover.

Step 2 – Manhattan Guides - Studied all strategies from the Manhattan guide and prepared my own shorthand version of the same.

Step 3 – Official Guide - Solved all questions on a timer and maintained an error log

Step 4 – Manhattan Advanced Quant – Went through advanced strategies and solved all 15 problem sets

Verbal – SC & RC

Step 1 – Studied all concepts from Manhattan. Didn’t help much

Step 2 – Studied all concepts again from Wiley Aristotle books. This really helped me.

Or you can also download GMAT Club Grammar Book

Step 3 – Official Guide - Solved all questions on a timer and maintained an error log

Step 4 – Solved all questions from Wiley Aristotle SC Grail and Idiom book

Verbal – CR

Step 1 – Studied all concepts from Powerscore CR

Step 2 – Official Guide - Solved all questions on a timer and maintained an error log Didn’t need to do anymore here as the bible was more than enough

IR and AWA

Step 1 – Official guide and Question Pack of GMAC

Part B – Mock Tests

I purchased Official GMAC Exam Pack 1+Exam Pack2+Question Pack bundle. Attempt atleast 8-10 mock tests before test day (rest can be Manhattan). Mimic the exact exam conditions .

Part C – Test Day

Follow the same routine as mock tests.

Part D - Other Tips Timing strategy – Follow the 8 questions /15 min timing strategy. Prepare a chart on where you should be after every 8 questions on the time remaining milestone and keep this in your head. Adjust your pace immediately if going fast or slow.

Error log – Always create relevant buckets for your errors, such as Type 1. Conceptual knowledge Type 2. Wrong application of correct concept error Type 3. Silly mistake error. Analyze your error log at the end of preparation and attack accordingly.

 Enhanced Score Report- Incase it is your second attempt, order the ESR from GMAC on your first attempt and analyse what went wrong.

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