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Jyotsna Mehta

My journey to the B-School with Gmatxchange

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After working with the Government for over 5 years on pure policy issues, I was considering to change my career path. One of the ways I was thinking was to take the route to MBA. My plan was to move into to the consulting sector. During then, I was unsure as in how to go about preparing for my application. That is when I approached Jai from Gmatxchange

I had only a few days remaining before the ISB application deadline. I was looking for someone who could guide me and vet my draft application/essay. To be honest, I was very naive in my first draft of my application. I wrote a very honest account of my stints with the working on international climate change policy issues. And how I wanted to bring this experience to transform the sustainability sector. I felt confident that the essay was good. But while reviewing with Jai, he brought out a new dimension to portray my very strong and impactful personality which was missing in my drafts. I definitely could not have thought it on my own. I believe working with large pool of applicants over the years Jai had the eye of typical pool of applications that B schools receive. And his inputs were valuable in elevating my selling points and differentiating me from other applicants. Unlike many other consultants whom I had heard about, his inputs were very specific and tailored to my profile. And it was because he spent time to understand my application and my aspirations. He helped me stitch a story that connected my work experience to my aspirations and how the MBA was an integral part of it. 

I realized that it is not enough to just have good stories. It is equally important to sell your stories well in manner that people relate to them. Later when I got a call for the interview, he helped with mock interview sessions. He gave me insights on various things all the way from sending your application, life at ISB, the social and professional clubs, networks, placements and companies. Being an alum he could offer the perspective of a student as well as that of a prospective employer. He handled all my queries and doubts very well. Post admission still guides me through surviving/acing the MBA life while I am at ISB now.

Initially, as I thought of approaching an Application consultant, I was a bit skeptic. But an initial complementary discussion with him I realized that he can help me. He also suggested me few other good schools to apply but I wanted to be part of the India's booming economy, so I chose to join ISB.

I would suggest speaking to a few mentors and finding the right mentor who understands your profile. And looking back now, I think the choice of not taking a mentor and wasting an entire year would have been bad one.

I am very thankful to Jai and would definitely recommend Gmatxchange mentors to all those students applying for MBA admissions

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Jyotsna Mehta

Indian School of Business, Co'18

I am very thankful to Gmatxchange and would definitely recommend Gmatxchange mentors to all those students applying for MBA admissions

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