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GMAT Change - Section Order Selection

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July 11, 2017 – An important date for many GMAT Aspirants as the GMAC starts with the much asked for change in the GMAT format. You get a chance to select the order of section for yourself. You wanted to do the Verbal section first and the AWA last – Bingo!!!, the GMAC listened and completed your wish.

Starting July 11, 2017, you will have the following three choices to decide your order of the sections:

  1. AWA, IR, 8 minute Optional Break, Quant, 8 minute Optional Break, Verbal
  2. Verbal, 8 minutes Optional Break, Quant, 8 minute Optional Break, IR, AWA
  3. Quant, 8 minute Optional Break, Verbal, 8 minute Optional Break, IR, AWA

You will see the Select Section Order screen during your exam at the Pearson VUE test center on the computer immediately prior to the start of your exam, after choosing the schools for score reports and the navigation tutorial. You have two minutes to make a selection. If you do not pick an option in this timeframe, the original order will be chosen be default.

GMAC will update GMATPrep diagnostic test software and the Exam Pack 1 and 2 add-ons will by July 31 to reflect the Select Section Order feature. You will receive a free upgrade once the software is updated. Also,the GMAC is working on to shift the GMATPrep software online instead of keeping it as software-download format.

If you have already booked a test GMAT before July 11 and will like to change to test date after July 11, you can do the free rescheduling by calling the GMAC Customer Service. Remember, you have to call in to customer service by June 22 to have the fee waived.

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