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How Saumya managed to score 710 (Q48, V40) on the GMAT

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I am done with my GMAT (Score 710, Q48 V40). I thought ill share my experience.
I started my prep in Mid Jan'17 and gave my GMAT in the first week of April'17.
I started prep with Princeton Review Premium 2017, it helped me develop the basics and gain confidence (It isint of the level of Official Guide, at the most 650 level, but it helps you prepare the basics and get into the GMAT mode)
Post that I moved completely to official material. OG 2017 and Verbal-Quant Guides 2017. With the OGs come access to online questions, basically the same questions in the OGs which can be solved online (on-the-move) in sets of 10-20-etc. After having gone over the material in the first month, I started a systematic approach to practice.
I used to solve questions online from the OGs in sets of 15-20 whenever I was travelling to/from work or in free time during work. At home I would devote time to analyzing my mistakes and then pouring over material (along with practice) of only weak areas.
I am an engineer and am good at Quant, but you would see that my score is much better in Verbal than in Quant. What I realized over my prep is that small mistakes in Quant dont harm you as much as the same in verbal. Also verbal score can make or break your GMAT score. Standing in the last week of Feb I was scoring a 33-35 in Verbal and a 48-50 in Quant.
Starting from March I kept doing the set based practice for all questions and I devoted my home time to Verbal only. I redid all questions and approaches for SC, RC and CR. By the end of March I was scoring a 36-38 in Verbal.
What helped me the most during my prep was giving the official MBA prep exams. I first took the 2 free exams.
After giving the 2 free exams I gave MGMAT exam and Veritas Prep. Both these are completely different from the GMAT prep exams. Veritas have tougher Quant. Both algorithms are completely different from official GMAT. Ill advise against taking these exams.
I purchased the question pack giving me access to around 450 official questions. I practiced all these and quite a few two times over.
I then purchased exam pack 1 and 2. Gave all 4 exams (2 in each) during the last 10 days leading up to my official exam. This helped get completely in tune with the real exam. I practiced with the scratchpad and sketch pen simulating almost similar conditions to those during the real exam.
This further helped remove any undue variables for exam day. Find below my scores for tests: free exam 1 = 690 free exam 2 = 720
Veritas Prep exam 1 = 650
Veritas Prep exam 2 = 710 exam pack 1 exam 1 = 730 exam pack 1 exam 2 = 690 exam pack 2 exam 1 = 700 exam pack 2 exam 2 = 760

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