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Who do you think will do better on the GMAT if both these greats take the GMAT??

Let’s try to find out.

What counts on the GMAT?

  1. Focus:
    One of the most important factors to get a high score on the GMAT. Dhoni pulls it off better towards the end of the game whereas Kohli is someone who stirs through the game. The Kohli way will pay more than the Dhoni style.
  2. Coolness:
    Keeping your head cool through the GMAT is paramount. Dhoni has been termed as the coolest captain cricket has ever seen. Kohli, on the other hand, is hot (both by the looks and the head). Dhoni makes it even here.
  3. Concentration:
    Dhoni knows not only his strengths and weaknesses but also his team. On the GMAT it translates to focus on your weaknesses to get better and understand how the test works.
  4. Stamina:
    Kohli likes to take the game from start to the finish whereas Dhoni is a hard hitter who likes to finish the game. It is important to take your GMAT from start to finish the same way.
  5. Hunger to Perform:
    It is important to do better on each of the next practice test. Kohli wants to perform himself whereas Dhoni is happy with his team doing well. You need to be Kohli on the GMAT.
  6. Quick Learner:
    Dhoni started out as a cool cricketer and he is still a cool cricketer whereas Kohli started as the bad boy of cricket and is now learning the tricks of the game to get better. You need to follow Kohli on this and need to learn new tricks quickly to change your approach to the difficult questions.

Praveen Sharma
I am seasoned and blessed with more than eight years of teaching experience in GMAT. My efforts to provide each student with unlimited extra help and personalized teaching hours and methods have helped students overcome their fears and also work on the tougher aspects of the test. 

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