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Codex Berinensis, a Florentine copy of an ancient Roman medical treatise

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Codex Berinensis, a Florentine copy of an ancient Roman medical treatise, is undated but contains clues to when it was produced. Its fist 80 pages are by a single copyist, but the remaining 20 pages are by three different copyists, which indicates some signifiant disruption. Since a letter in handwriting identifid as that of the fourth copyist mentions a plague that killed many people in Florence in 1148, Codex Berinensis was probably produced in that year.
Which of the following, if true, most strongly supports the hypothesis that Codex Berinensis was produced
in 1148?
(A) Other than Codex Berinensis, there are no known samples of the handwriting of the fist three copyists.
(B) According to the account by the fourth copyist, the plague went on for 10 months.
(C) A scribe would be able to copy a page of text the size and style of Codex Berinensis in a day.
(D) There was only one outbreak of plague in Florence in the 1100s.
(E) The number of pages of Codex Berinensis produced by a single scribe becomes smaller with each
successive change of copyist.
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Argument Evaluation

We need to support that the Florentine copy which was produced in 1148.

A.nothing related  to year of publication

B.we are not bothered number of months

C.out of scope

D.correct relation if it trues conclusion hold true

E.out of scope


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