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Pankaj Kumar

Vargonia has just introduced a legal requirement that student-teacher ratios in government-funded schools

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Vargonia has just introduced a legal requirement that student-teacher ratios in government-funded schools not exceed a certain limit. All Vargonian children are entitled to education, free of charge, in these schools. When a recession occurs and average incomes fall, the number of children enrolled in government-funded schools tends to increase. Therefore, though most employment opportunities contract in economic recessions, getting a teaching job in Vargonia’s government-funded schools will not be made more diffiult by a recession.
Which of the following would be most important to determine in order to evaluate the argument?
(A) Whether in Vargonia there are any schools not funded by the government that offer children an education
free of charge
(B) Whether the number of qualifid applicants for teaching positions in government-funded schools increases
signifiantly during economic recessions
(C) What the current student-teacher ratio in Vargonia’s government-funded schools is
(D) What proportion of Vargonia’s workers currently hold jobs as teachers in government-funded schools
(E) Whether in the past a number of government-funded schools in Vargonia have had student-teacher ratios
well in excess of the new limit

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raghav agarwal

Argument Evaluation-yes would be strengthen and no wil be weaken the conclusion


A.if it yes no relation with getting a job  easily or no neither weakens

B.more  competiton  less job ,less competiton  more job -correct answer

C.if higher student ratio or lower student ratio neither going toaffect

D.higher proption or lower proption not going to affect since we discusss about job openings

E.past numbers make it  wrong

Correct option _B

answered Aug 27, 2015 by Associate (173 points)
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