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Anupam Kumar

Because no employee wants to be associated with bad news in the eyes of a superior

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Q.75 Because no employee wants to be associated with bad news in the eyes of a superior

The conclusion drawn above is based on the assumption that
(A) problems should be solved at the level in the management hierarchy at which they occur
(B) employees should be rewarded for accurately reporting problems to their superiors
(C) problem-solving ability is more important at higher levels than it is at lower levels of the management
(D) chief executives obtain information about problems at lower levels from no source other than their
(E) some employees are more concerned about truth than about the way they are perceived by their superiors

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Kulvinder Singh

Argument structure-nobody tells information to its boss,it  progressively reaches to the higher management  then chief executive solves it,then question  is how chief executives solve its catch ceo must gets information from its suboridinates
(A) should be  never be used it’s a conclusion based questions
(B) same as A
(C) no where mentioned problem solving ability is required
(D) correct as per the structure
(E)discarded due to the use of the word some ,mix up structure.

answered Aug 1, 2015 by Associate (163 points)
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