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The following proposal to amend the bylaws of an organization was circulated

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The following proposal to amend the bylaws of an organization was circulated to its members for comment.  When more than one nominee is to be named for an office, prospective nominees must consent to nomination and before giving such consent must be told who the other nominees will be.  
Which of the following comments concerning the logic of the proposal is accurate if it cannot be known who the actual nominees are until prospective nominees have given their consent to be nominated?
(A) The proposal would make it possible for each of several nominees for an office to be aware of who all of the other nominees are.
(B) The proposal would widen the choice available to those choosing among the nominees.
(C) If there are several prospective nominees, the proposal would deny the last nominee equal treatment with the first.
(D) The proposal would enable a prospective nominee to withdraw from competition with a specific person without making that withdrawal known.
(E) If there is more than one prospective nominee, the proposal would make it impossible for anyone to become a nominee.

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Before nomination must know the other candidates, this means a candidate will first give its consent to be nominated , then they are known to others

A deadlock situation, where one cannot move without the consent of another. 

Suppose X and Y are nominees. 
X must know who is Y before giving consent. 
Similarly Y must know who is X before giving such consent. Thus no one can give consent because no one knows who is the other nominee.    

B) Irrelevant
C) Out of Context
D) Out of Context
E) Correct : For one person, the bylaw does not apply. For more than 1 person, both statements apply and there is a logical issue. The issue comes from the fact that both statements cannot apply at once. It is one or the other.

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