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Government restrictions have severely limited the amount of stem

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Government restrictions have severely limited the amount of stem cell research United States companies can conduct. Because of these restrictions, many United States scientists who specialize in the field of stem cell research have signed longterm contracts to work for foreign companies. Recently, Congress has proposed lifting all restrictions on stem cell research. Which of the following statements can most properly be inferred from the information above?
(A) Some foreign companies that conduct stem cell research work under fewer restrictions than some United States companies do.
(B) Because United States scientists are under long-term contracts to foreign companies, there will be a significant influx of foreign professionals into the United States.
 (C) In all parts of the world, stem cell research is dependent on the financial backing of local government.
(D) In the near future, United States companies will no longer be at the forefront of stem cell research.
(E) If restrictions on stem cell research are lifted, many of the United States scientists will break their contracts to return to United States companies

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