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In an effort to reduce the number of deer

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In an effort to reduce the number of deer, and therefore decrease the number of automobile accidents caused by deer, the government lengthened the deer hunting season earlier this year. Surprisingly, the number of accidents caused by deer has increased substantially since the introduction of the longer hunting season. All of the following, if true, help to explain the increase in traffic accidents caused by deer EXCEPT:
(A) The presence of humans in the woods causes the deer to move to new areas, which causes the deer to cross roads more frequently than normal.
(B) In the area where the deer live, traffic has increased substantially precisely because of the lengthened hunting season.
(C) Most automobile accidents involving deer result from cars swerving to avoid deer, and leave the deer in question unharmed.
 (D) Deer tend to bolt when hearing gunshots or other loud sounds and are more likely to run across a road without warning.
(E) A new highway was recently built directly through the state's largest forest, which is the primary habitat of the state's deer population.

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