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Write your way to Harvard MBA - Essay Review 2017-18

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Harvard – The Dream School for most Indian B-School Applicants.

To improve your chances, not only at Harvard but any good B-school, you need to create an essay that stands out from the crowd. So, here are some things to help you write a better essay for the Harvard application this year.

Here is the topic:

“As we review your application, what more would you like us to know as we consider your candidacy for the Harvard Business School MBA Program?” (no word limit)

The most important thing about any essay is THE TOPIC. Be careful to read the TOPIC.

The most important thing to focus on the Harvard Essay Topic: WHAT MORE??

The MORE provides you with a chance to talk about an important that you might not have been able to discuss in the OTHER PARTS of your application – including Letters of Recommendation.

But, the question is what MORE should I talk about? The school looks into many qualities for a prospective student but the following three are the most important: Leadership, Analytical Aptitude, and Community Citizenship.

Of the three, Leadership still stands out. So, the MORE must have something that SHOWCASES your Leadership abilities. (SHOWCASES is highlighted as your essay should SHOW than tell.

For more details, see the attached infographic.

Praveen Sharma

Praveen SharmaI am seasoned and blessed with more than eight years of teaching experience in GMAT. My efforts to provide each student with unlimited extra help and personalized teaching hours and methods have helped students overcome their fears and also work on the tougher aspects of the test. 

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