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Studies by neuropsychologists show that, for a marketing

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Studies by neuropsychologists show that, for a marketing campaign to result in a large number of sales, a high degree of brand recognition and generally positive associations with the brand's logo must both be sustained. Upon entering a new market, a company must saturate media outlets with advertisements to achieve brand recognition, but this strategy will likely cause negative reactions in the people who are over-exposed to the company's ads.
The claims above, if true, most strongly support which of the following conclusions?
A) Consumers are likely respond to the saturation marketing by purchasing large quantities of the company's products.
B) A saturation marketing strategy would be likely to fail at some time.
C) As long as consumers feel negatively about a company, that company's marketing campaign is likely to succeed.
D) A saturation marketing campaign would ensure that every potential consumer is aware of the new brand on the market.
E) For a marketing campaign to be successful, every consumer must have a positive association with the brand identity.
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The evidences shown by the author in the form of study and alternative opinion about negative reactions . So the conclusion - likely to fail fits them . Answer B reflects this conclusion accurately. Choice A assumes that fulfilling only one of the two conditions is necessary for the marketing campaign to be successful. This is explicitly contradicted in the premises. Choice C is illogical both in terms of the premises and in our real-world experience. Choice D may be a definition of saturation marketing, but it is not a conclusion that can be drawn from the premises. Choice E is too extreme. A successful campaign requires only a generally positive association, not universally positive association for each and every consumer.
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