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Political advocacy groups have begun to use information services

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Political advocacy groups have begun to use information services to disseminate information that is then accessed by the public via personal computer. Since many groups are thus able to bypasstraditional news sources, whose reporting is selective, and to present their political views directly to the public, information services present a more balanced picture of the complexities of political issues than any traditional news source presents.
Which of the following is an assumption on which the argument above depends?
A. Information services are accessible to enough people to ensure that political advocacy groups can use these services to reach as large a percentage of the public as they could through traditional news sources.
B. People could get a thorough understanding of a particular political issue by sorting through information provided by several traditional news sources, each with differing editorial biases.
C. Information on political issues disseminated through information services does not come almost entirely from advocacy groups that share a single bias.
D. Traditional news sources seldom report the views of political advocacy groups accurately.
E. Most people who get information on political issues from newspapers and other traditional news sources can readily identify the editorial biases of those sources.
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Priyank Shrivastava

PA groups have started using IT to disseminate info on politics for public, bypassing tradional news sources,(Which were selective). Hence IT services present a BALANCED (this is the mainstay of the conclusion) picture of policial complexities than any other traditonal news source

Prethink assumptions: 1) By using IT services, PA groups are ensuring no selectiveness will be there. 2) there is no other source of obtaining news info other than traditional news sources. 

(A) We are not concerned about large scale accessibility of news, but are concerned about how BALANCED (by virtue if being non selective, non biased) the news is. Leave this

(B) Diff news sources (each with some bias) present info, from which people will develop an understanding. This is a WEAKENER, as the news sources are already biased

(C) Sounds okay. Says that the argumwnt believes that news on it services will not come entirely from a single aource which may be biased. Keep this in



Check: (C) Negation: News info on IT services will come entirely from a single source which is biased. This weakens the argument whcich says that IT services present a balances view of political news. 

Hence (C) is correct.

answered May 21, 2015 by Partner (785 points)
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