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Not clear about option C

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Can someone please explain how Found & resembling seem to be parallel ...

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Sorry for a quick explaination. Here is a detailed one.  
(1) Noun: When we use the verb+ing as a noun this is called a "gerund". 
"Swimming is a great way to stay in shape."
(2) Verb: To be an actual verb, the present participle needs a helping verb such as is/are/was/were/will be/etc.
"We were swimming at the beach all day."
(3) Adjective (Noun Modifier): When the present participle is acting as an adjective, we attach it to the noun with NO COMMA (it can appear EITHER before OR after the noun).
"The fish swimming in the pond are beautiful." - we are describing the fish (they are the ones swimming)
"The swimming pool is a great place to cool off in the summer." - we are describing the pool (it is the swimming one)
(4) Adverb (Adverbial Modifier): When the present participle is acting as an adverb (modifying clauses or verbs), we attach it to the noun WITH A COMMA.
"We had a great day at the beach, swimming in the water and building sandcastles." - now we are describing the great day we had at the beach (it is telling more about the action), and both swimming and building are parallel.
Now, let's compare these to the answer choices.
(a) "resembles" is a verb and part of the "that" clause. This is NOT parallel to the noun modifier "found"(which animal? the one found..."). By the way, "found" is a past participle and can do basically the same jobs as a present participle.
(b) ", resembling" is an adverb, so it must modify the clause or phrase preceding it (that...has shining metallic colors) - so the resembling describes how it has a shining metallic color on its head. This is strange, but more importantly isn't really in line with the meaning of the sentence.
(c) "and resembling" is a noun modifier and is correctly parallel to the noun modifier "found". (which animal? the one resembling a hummingbird.)
(d) "and it resembles" is a main verb and IS parallel to "is found" BUT the presence of the "it" breaks the overall parallelism within the "that" clause. (I should be able to switch the items in a list...THAT X AND Y....So would we say: "That it resembles and is found"? NO the "it" doesn't work!
(e) ", resembling" is an adverb, so it must modify the clause or phrase preceding it (that is found in the Philippines"), so now saying "resembling a hummingbird" is telling us more about how it was found in the Philippines, which doesn't make any sense.
hence the only answer choice that makes sense is C

answered Apr 7, 2015 by Guru (5,628 points)
thanks for the explanation
commented Apr 11, 2015 by Guru (1,348 points)
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