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Something must be done to stop spam

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Something must be done to stop spam. In early days, people seldom received unsolicited email advertisement; but now that numerous bulk email software and email address finders are developed to collect email address all around the world. Advertisers use email addresses to market their products and even sell such email lists to other advertisers. As a result, almost everyone ever get junk email, and sometime several and even tens of annoying emails a day. So, relevant anti-spam regulations should be framed to stop unsolicited advertising.

The two portions in boldface play which of the following roles? 

A. Background that the argument depends on and conclusion that can be drawn from the argument. 

B. Part of evidence that the argument includes, and inference that can be drawn from this passage. 

C. Pre-evidence that the argument depends on and part of evidence that supports the conclusion. 

D. Background that argument depends on and part of evidence that supports the conclusion. 

E. Pre-evidence that argument includes and a method that helps to supports that conclusion.    

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Priyank Shrivastava
B1: This is a simple fact which is a part of the argument. It is not an evidence. Evidence would be a statement that would support the fact that spams are increasing day by day. It is also not a fact on which argument depends
B2: The conlcusion drwan.
Only correct option id (B)
answered May 21, 2015 by Partner (785 points)
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