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GMAT List of Common Idioms

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Here is list of idioms that appear on the gmat. 

amount of x
as a means to
as a result of
as many ... as
as x as
attribute x to y
attributes x to y
better served by x than by y
between x and y
both x and y
depends on whether x
distinctions between x and y
distinguish between x and y
either x or y
estimate to be
estimated to be
except for + noun
expended on
in contrast to x, y
in contrast with x, y
in danger of
in order to x
isolated from
just as x, so y
less successful than
more x than y
not just because of x, but because of y
not only x ... but also y
not x, but rather y
order x to be y
ordered x to do y
prohibit x from doing y
range from x to y
require x to do y
restrictions on x
rivalry between x and y
seem + infinitive
so x that y
targeted ... at
the ability ... to
the rising cost
the same to x as to y
there is no doubt that
to consider x y
to credit x with
to mistake x for y
to think of x as y
unlike x, y
used x as y
with the aim of + (verb)ing
worried about
x is dated at z years old
x is more than y
x is to y what w is to z
x rather than y
x rose almost as fast as y

PS: This list to the best of my knowledge, and not certainly 100% complete. Idioms may appear out of this list as well

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