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Why MBA? That sounds like the most futile question to so many people. If you believe that then you are doing a great disservice to your application and to your chances of making it to a top Ivy League MBA program. An incredible number of people who have invested heavily with their time and money for the application do not seem to have any idea on how to address this question.

This is not a question for which the answer has to be prepared just for the question in the application or the interview. This is the very first question that you need to answer yourself as you start the process of writing your application. An MBA is not an end goal in itself. It can best be described as a stepping stone to the end goal. Hence, you don’t want to be at a B-School to be at a B-School.
Frankly speaking, for most people a top B-School is their launch pad which helps them jump levels professionally. But you have to put this out in a more refined manner, defining it minutely to your particular case. It could be that you want to be a consultant and an Ivy League MBA will prepare you and open up the doors to top consulting firms. Alternatively, you want to move to the management or sales side of the business in your industry. In which case again it makes a lot of sense.
However, it might not always be the case that the candidate is very clear on what exactly he/she wants to gain out of his MBA. And that is fine. The admissions teams in most cases understand if you want to keep your options open. In such cases you can say for example that you would like to figure out over the course of the program the best way to effectively use your leadership qualities. But in that case please do not forget to clearly state your long term goals or it may give an impression of you being a casual candidate.
It is very important that you state the answers upfront as this will bring clarity to the answers throughout your application and essays. The admissions team does not expect you to know your future. But they do expect you to have a vision for yourself. Please ensure you demonstrate that effectively through questions like ‘Why MBA?’

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