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LLB plus MBA degree.? scope? procedure for gmat

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Anyone out there who can help me . Im doing BA.LLB 5 yrs and I will be completing it in a few months. So 10+2+5 is 17 years of education I totally carry. I want to make my career in management line..and will give Gmat for the same.Coming to work experience .. While studying as regular student one can't work as a full time employee, so work experience 'NONE' . m 23 already.. I can't wait having 2 yrs Work experience and then come back to give GMAT. Can anone help me out regarding same..? Just need to talk about it Looking Forward for a favourable reply....

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Hey Sachoo, If you are want to do your MBA now without any work experience, your choices will be seriously restricted if you go the GMAT way. Most (read almost all) 'good' bschools who admit through GMAT demand some work-ex. You should try Indian schools through CAT as they are more conducive to your profile. I hope that answer helps. Let me know if doubts persist. Regards, Anshul Gupta
answered Mar 2, 2015 by Student (55 points)
THANKS but seriously I don't wanna give cat. Gmat is my choice..let's see wht happen.. Add me on Facebook..
commented Mar 2, 2015 by Beginner (3 points)
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