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Earn an Accelerated MBA in Sustainability at Duquesne

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12-Month MBA in Sustainability at Duquesne - mbaMission Appealing to professionals at all stages of their careers,  Duquesne University’s Palumbo Donahue School of Business  offers an accelerated, 12-month MBA in Sustainable Business Practices with an “integrated” focus on sustainability and the environment. With core course work centered on four foundational areas—social, economic, environmental, and ethical—students gain exposure to the basic problems and frameworks of sustainable development beyond conventional notions of “green” business. In addition, the program includes global study trips, in which students travel abroad to examine global sustainability practices firsthand; two required sustainability consulting projects with sponsoring nonprofit or governmental organizations; and a capstone practicum course that challenges students to develop strategy and management skills.

This article first appeared here Earn an Accelerated MBA in Sustainability at Duquesne

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