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My Journey to 760 GMAT experience

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Hello guys, first of all I would really like to thank gmatxchange for inviting me to share my GMAT experience. I feel really obliged to do so. My name is Sourabh Sur and I would like to divide my prep and GMAT experience as follows-
I started my GMAT prep with quant. As I hail from an engineering background and also I had previously prepared for CAT ( Indian B-School entrance exam), I didn't have to put much effort on this section barring in data sufficiency. For this section first of all I completed the Official Guide, to get a good idea of questions which are asked on GMAT. Further, I took the gmat club tests for quant and also advise others to take them too, as these tests are specifically designed to hit your basics. Also by taking these tests I was able to fine tune myself to be extra careful while solving DS questions, as most of us tend to miss out on implicit and minute details present in them. Also I would suggest that after taking each test spend time on the analysis of the same. Even go through questions which you get correct because you might stumble upon shortcuts and better way of approaching problems. My GMAT experience of this section was very smooth. As I was used to solving tougher questions, I didn't face much challenge in the section. (Read about: How to make Error Log To Review Questions?)
This section has been my real nemesis and also I think it is the same for most of the non-native GMAT test takers. Reading has been my hobby, so I didn't have much problem with RCs and CRs. However, SC section was a real challenge for me because most of us generally tend to rely upon how a particular sentence sound to our ear while judging whether the particular sentence is correct or not, which is a wrong approach. All SC questions and for that matter all RC and CR questions can be solved based on the specific rules tested on gmat and based on the meaning and context of the sentences. For this I would suggest to go through e-gmat's SC videos, these are aptly designed for non-natives.Then move on to OG and knock off all the questions in it. But do not restrict yourself to OG as frankly speaking OG is designed to help students to score in the 650 range. If you have target score of 700+, then you will have to do more. There is a comprehensive list of all official GMAT question till date for SC, RC and CR. Try to solve as many questions as possible from them as they are the closest representation of real GMAT verbal. Also I would suggest to take all gmat preps before going through these questions as they contain a lot of GMAT prep questions as well. In addition, I would suggest to take Kaplan mock cats for verbal section. The GMAT experience for this section was also quite smooth for me except few SCs which had tricky idiomatic usages. 
Download Grammar Book
Integrated Reasoning
Though this section is not given much weightage currently by B-schools but it will be considered an important section in the near future. So I would suggest while taking full mock cats also include this section so that you don't have to invest time separately on the same. Also, while solving this section do not get stuck and spend too much time on on any question as this section is not adaptive and in doing so you might miss out on easy questions. So my advise would be to take a calculated guess whenever you get stuck at and move on.
For this section I would suggest everyone to by-heart the chinese burned AWA template a few days before your exam and also if you are used to solving CR questions, then you will easily be able to identify the gaping flaws in the argument presented in this section. After identifying the flaws, one just needs to plug those in the template and write as much as possible without making any grammatical mistakes.
In closing, I would like to suggest everyone to take as many full mock cats as possible to build up stamina for the real exam. Also spend equal time on analyzing your mocks as this is the time when you get to rectify your shortcomings.
I ended up with a score of 760  Quant-51 Verbal-42 IR-8 and AWA-5.5. I really hope that my experience helps others on this community to score a 750+ on gmat as well. All the best!:)

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