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Sharing My Story
Indian. Engineer. Working with Tata Consultancy Services since July 2013. Initially as IT engineer and then in finance, consulting role. 1+ year of International experience in Singapore. Short term in Shanghai and Amsterdam.
Was planning to give GMAT 2 years back but due to good opportunities at work, missed GMAT. Used to score 600 in Manhattan Mocks.
In December 2016 decided need to take it seriously, book the slot for an exam scheduled exactly 1 month later. Bought the latest official guide and practiced it rigorously.
Used Manhattan SC book to get the basics. Purchased 2 additional official mocks. Gave one mock every weekend at the same time when my exam was scheduled.
Scores of Mock in order: 680, 710, 690, 710.
Repeated those mocks again on weekdays once official guide was finished.
D day: 710.
My suggestion: Just concentrate on official mock and book. Repeat them as much as you can. Use other materials only to get knowledge not for practice. The aim is to score and no better material than official mock/book for it.
No preparation. Just looked at pattern for 30 mins. Scored 104.
Made a spreadsheet for colleges I wanted to go for. Selected few dream colleges. Few colleges with a good chance and few below par my score. Knew that colleges would be difficult to get as most of then would be R3.
Searched online but was not satisfactory with the suggestions and found them repetitive as well. Wrote what I really felt. I have a friend who has good writing skills, got reviewed by her. Very helpful.
Fortunately my supervisor and mentor are quite friendly and helpful. Could tell them about my plans and got good recommendations.
To be honest didn't practice. Just read the common questions. Thought about answers. Repeated looking into mirror answer of 2-3 questions before the first two interviews.
Interviews went fine. One of them was a blind interview.
My suggestion: Be confident, avoid stammering and if for a situation based question you don't have anything in mind, be very quick to make some valid points and example. Have at least 2 good questions to ask the interviewer and one should definitely be program related.
Received admit from 3 universities with good scholarship. Result of few pending. Plus few interviews scheduled in coming days.
Presence of all of you. Tips and suggestions posted by many of you. I had posted lot of queries and still continue to do so. Got satisfactory answers for most of them. Like a small google, where you throw the query and you get the answer. Good part, you don't have to rely on algorithm and artificial intelligence but human intelligence helps you. Great job Ameer Khatri to manage this group.
The journey is not as difficult as it seems in the beginning. Take one step at a time and it will be fine.

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