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Nongmat colleges for Experienced folks

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Hello Guys, I know I am going to ask a silly qn.
But still, I wouldn't want to miss out any single chance without being query is simple , Is it possible to get a good school without Gmat n if so ,what are those schools.
Will they offer supply chain n logistics in such mediocre schools. And does really a schools reputation is needed on getting a job after we are done with our course.?
And last but not the least, How s the SAP experience impacting ones profile ???
when he is filing an appln with Sap. Exp. Which is justifying 200% why he wants to go for supply chain( to get a good job in supply chain industries with SAP and MBA experince, )which is basically me :p
My profile : Ram prasad , Senior SAP functional consultant . 6 yrs exp. Current Job : IBM bangalore..
Please post all your experience related to my profile and any advice if anybody eLSE is willing to GI've? And yeah I have given Gmat without preparation,
I got 410.. which I cancelled without submitting :( My target score is around 650.. pleqse help Excuse for typos and grammatical mistakes...

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Most of the MBA schools(the good ones) do require a GMAT or GRE score. However here a few ones which do not require GMAT. 

  1. IE School of Business - They have their own exam
  2. Rotman School of Management – University of Toronto - Depends on profile
  3. Schulich School of Business – York University - But requires you fulfil some criteria

Per se the job, the experience of just knowing SAP will not help you directly, but what will help you is what you did in those 6 years. SAP was just a tool, but how much did you impact your work place with your knowledge of it and how you took it forward. For example, with SAP experience this will become a talking point that you have Supply Chain experience and you want to add Business knowlege to push forward your career. 

All MBA programs have Operations & Supply Chain as the key major in their curriculum.

Here a few links 

1) Supply Chain Schools

2) MBA without GMAT

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