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Hi Everyone, Finally, here is my debrief after a looong

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Hi Everyone,
Finally, here is my debrief after a looong deliberation!
DISCLAIMER: The strategy that I followed might look absurd and I would advice people to follow the same at their own peril.
Gave GMAT on Sep 30, 2016..Scored a 710 (Q50, V34, IR7, AWA5)
This was my first shot at GMAT. I really expected a lot more than what I scored but it's fine.
Courses and Materials Used :
OG + Official Materials : These are the best as many people on this forum have already told. During my last stage prep. I did nothing except for official questions. Please do as many official questions as possible. Use OG + Verbal Review + Other official questions sets.
That's it. Took no online course, no classroom coaching. Followed GMATCLUB like anything. For Quant, refer to Bunuel's explanations on the website. This guy is crazy.
For Verbal, I practiced almost all official questions that I came across throughout my preparation.
GMAT PREP 1 to 6 :720, 730, 720, 750, 700
This sums up my journey. Here to help. This forum has helped me a lot and I mean it.
Thanks guys and All the best...

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