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Just done with the gmat. I got 710, q49 in quant and q36 in

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Just done with the gmat. I got 710, q49 in quant and q36 in verbal. I found the following things to be helpful
Gmatprep software, exam pack 1 and 2
Official guides
Aristotle grails
Powerscore bibles
Manhattan guides
That's it. I just read the theory, that too partially from the above books. However, I gave all the 6 official mocks (gmatprep, exam pack 1 and 2), then reviewed them in detail, and even retook the 4 of them.
If I would have felt like doing more, I would have solved official guides entirely (which I couldn't), but now I feel that solving official guides in its entirety would be really helpful.
And as far as awa and ir is concerned, I just read the relevant chapters from the official guide, that's it. I even use to skip them during the mocks. I got 7/8 in ir, so it is not that time demanding, The core quant and verbal which accounts for the score out of 800 is the most important according to me.
Thus this is it for my debrief. I will take a break of 2 to 3 days, and then decide whether I am in. mood of retake or not (I am happy with this score for the colleges that I am interested in it, but I might retake it for a few other colleges if I can take this gmat thing anymore)..
Thanks a lot for the wishes. I think good luck also played a big role today and so I also wish that you also get the targeted score. :)

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