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Best GMAT Prep Course for Verbal Intensive Program

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I am a non-native speaker, I score poor on the veral section. I am currently using the e-gmat course with Manhattan Tests and OG. It would be great if you could suggest that if i should take the test around Mid-March and suggest ways to improve. 
Here are the answers to your questions.
1) Which way do you learn best?  Auditory? Visual?  Reading and Writing?
- Reading & Writing
2) Have you taken the official GMAT before?  If so, what was your score (s)?
- Nope, my score on the practice tests is ~ 650 ( Q:49,V:30)
3) When taking a practice test, do you finish the quantitative section every time?  It not, how many questions (on average) do you not answer or have to guess at the end? What about verbal?
- I finish quant section under 75 min
- In the verbal section, I struggle with the timing. Generally i am able solve 32 Qs &8 Min. And i rush to complete the remaning ones. I am performing Poor on the RC section.  ( Please let me know if you need any further details) 
4) Do you have a GMAT scheduled for the future?  If so, what date is it scheduled for and what is your goal score?
- I am planning to take up GMAT in Mid-March. My Target Score is 730.
5) Are you a native English speaker?  If not, how long have you studied English?
- I am not a native speaker of english, but i have studied through an english curriculum throughout my education. 

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