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Source gmatclub.#
At the 2016 convention for Aim Far Motivational Society (AFMS), each AFMS member had the option of inviting just one non-member guest. Attending as the single guest of a member is the only way a non-member would be able to attend the convention. At the 2016 convention, of the AFMS Convention Hall’s seats, 60% were occupied by AFMS members and 10% were occupied by non-member guest. How many seats does the AFMS Convention Hall have?
Statement #1: If 60% of the members who didn’t bring a guest instead had brought one, then the hall would have been 100% full.
Statement #2: The number of empty seats was half the number of the AFMS members present.

1 Answer

E... #1 unoccupied = 30% of x = 60% of (60 - 10)% of x , x unknown
#2 same as 1..
And we can see all multiples of 100 as x satisfy the conditions
answered Aug 1, 2016 by Beginner (16 points)
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