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Reserve tank 1 is capable of holding z gallons of water.

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Reserve tank 1 is capable of holding z gallons of water. Water is pumped into tank 1, which starts off empty, at a rate of x gallons per minute. Tank 1 simultaneously leaks water at a rate of y gallons per minute (where x * y). The water that leaks out of tank 1 drips into tank 2, which also starts out empty. If the total capacity of tank 2 is twice the number of gallons that remains in tank 1 after one minute, does tank 1 fill up before tank 2?
(1) zy * 2x^2 – 4xy + 2y^2
(2) The total capacity of tank 2 is less than one-half that of tank 1.

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A: 1st is sufficient
answered Aug 1, 2016 by Senior Associate (475 points)
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