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I'm preparing for GMAT. Is BYJU’s Tablet sufficient for preparation?

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I am a working professional with a work experience of 7 years. Is it too late to pursue MBA? Can I appear for GMAT? What are the eligibility criteria for this? As I am a professional, I cannot maintain a scheduled time for any kind of classes. Are there any alternatives for GMAT Preparation? I’ve heard of BYJU’s tablet and webinar classrooms. Please suggest whether it is a good idea to opt for this program.

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Byju’s GMAT is much of a flexible and student compatible program. We can buy an  S.D card where the contents are pre-loaded. The benefit is while travelling or if it is your break time in office, we can watch the videos that too without internet connection. Byju’s GMAT app will be suitable for working professionals also. Being a working professional, it becomes very difficult to spend 6-7 hours daily for studies.

Contents will cover the whole of GMAT (basics+ high level questions), rules to GMAT verbal and GMAT quant in the shortest possible time. But let’s say if you want to focus more on high level questions then Byjus WEBINAR sessions are the most effective tool that will be taking by the eminent trainers like PN. Santosh. Webinars are one of the best addition in Byju’s GMAT training - Good score comes not by solving infinite questions. It comes by solving finite questions but analyzing each of them thoroughly.

So if you want to score 600+, you need some 3-4 weeks of rigorous preparation. Mistakes are usually made from:

  1. Silly quant mistakes
  2. Inability to solve hard verbal questions
  3. Time management

Overall I will say it is one of the best GMAT training available in the market.

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I am very thankful to Gmatxchange and would definitely recommend Gmatxchange mentors to all those students applying for MBA admissions

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