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When a new restaurant, Martin's Cafe, opened in Riverville

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When a new restaurant, Martin's Cafe, opened in Riverville last year, many people predicted that business at the Wildflower Inn, Riverville's only other restaurant, would suffer from the competition. Surprisingly, however, in the year since Martin's Cafe opened, the average number of meals per night served at the Wildflower Inn has increased significantly.
Which of the following, if true, most helps to explain the increase?
A. Unlike the Wildflower Inn, Martin's Cafe serves considerably more meals on weekends than it does on weekdays.
B. Most customers of Martin's Cafe had never dined in Riverville before this restaurant opened, and on most days Martin's Cafe attracts more customers than it can seat.
C. The profit per meal is higher, on average, for meals served at Martin's Cafe than for those served at the Wildflower Inn.
D. The Wildflower Inn is not open on Sundays, and hence Riverville residents who choose to dine out then must either eat at Martin's Cafe or to neighboring towns to eat.
E. A significant proportion of the staff at Martin's Cafe are people who formerly worked at the Wildflower Inn and were hired away by the owner of Martin's Café

1 Answer

B, the new restaurant is attracting more people to riverville, but as they don't have enough seating capacity the people visit wildflower cafe, increasing the meal served per night.
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