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Profile and college Selection for all Merchant Navy pool candidate?

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I have been working in  Merchant Navy for 5 years,now looking for a career shift in Operation.  I have been operating an NGO and had my startup which I quit for some reason.Based on my profile could you suggest some good college to apply for with an expected GMAT score of 700. Also which specialisation can I opt for apart from operation given my work ex and background knowledge since most of my work was related to operations?

In continuation with this profession I have following querries which can help others in the pool as well?

1. Which of  the US colleges accept 15 years of education? We have a normal 3 year graduation total accounting for 15 years and many of my friends have been rejected for not having 16 year of formal education such as Kelley, Purdue, Michigan University, Carey, Fisher which are very well known for Operations / Supply chain do not take 3 year degree as equivalent to a Bachelors.

2.What job role can one expect after MBA from top B -school considering our pre-MBA job profile.

3.MIT SCM program vs MBA - Please highlight on MIT SCM  

4.How to finance MBA program considering the costs involved. Can u suggest some resource where we can find all Scholarship/Funding options  and the application process at one place. Do we need to submit separate essay for getting scholarship?

5.Do MOOCS are suggested for MBA aspirant in order to increase his/her chances of getting into a top B-School? What are other ways one can enrich his/her profile?

6.How advisable is it to apply in HEC paris / Oxford or German colleges considering language issue, immigration / work permit restrictions in UK (especially for non EU nationals).

Also highlight on US work permit

7.Which Language Proficiency Test is Preferred for US,Canada Europe and Asia  TOEFL/IELTS?

Your guidance will be highly appreciated


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