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Please post the reasoning for why the wrong choices are

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Please post the reasoning for why the wrong choices are wrong and why the correct one is correct.
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In Arumville, among those young children with elevated levels lead in their blood, few leave in houses containing lead-based paint, but many leave in areas where vehicular traffic is heavy. These children's elevated blood-lead levels probably result from lead added to gas, since, although gasoline sold in and around Arumville has been lead-free since 1990, lead from vehicle exhaust remains in the soil for many years.
Which of the following, if true, most strengthens the argument?
A. Sale of lead-based paint for use in homes was banned in Arumville in 1977.
B. Vehicle traffic in most residential areas of Arumville is heavier today than it was twenty years ago.
C. Some lead in the soil comes from deteriorating lead-based paint on the exterior of buildings.
D. In Arumville, children's blood-lead levels typically rise during the warm summer months when children frequently play outdoors but not in the winter when children spend more time indoors.
E. If improperly carried out, the removal of lead-based paint from older houses can significantly the risk that children living in such houses will ingest lead dust.

1 Answer

D. The argument concludes that elevated lead level is due lead from gas. D strengthen it by saying in warm weather they go they inhale more outside air and have higher lead level.
answered Jul 13, 2016 by Beginner (1 point)
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