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‪#CR‬# Audiences find a speaker more convincing if

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Audiences find a speaker more convincing if the speaker begins a speech by arguing briefly against his or her position before providing reasons for accepting it. The reason this technique is so effective is that it makes the speaker appear fair-minded and trustworthy. Therefore, candidates for national political office who wish to be successful in winning votes should use this argumentative technique in their speeches.
Which one of the following, if true, most seriously limits the effectiveness of adopting the argument's recommendation?
(A) Political candidates typically have no control over which excerpts from their speeches will be reported by the news media.
(B) Many people do not find arguments made by politicians convincing, since the arguments are often one-sided or oversimplify the issues.
(C) People decide which political candidate to vote for more on the basis of their opinions of the candidate's character than on the exact positions of the candidate.
(D) People regard a political candidate more favorably if they think that the candidate respects an opponent's position even while disagreeing with it.
(E) Political candidates have to address audiences of many different sizes and at many different locations in the course of a political campaign.

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Srijan Srivastava
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