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[Seeking CR advice - Inference/Must Be True questions] In CR

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[Seeking CR advice - Inference/Must Be True questions]
In CR, if an inference or 'must be true' question has an answer choice that is a verbatim repetition of a specific premise/fact from the stimulus, is that incorrect because it isn't really an inference but a redundant verbatim repetition of a particular premise, or is it correct because it is indeed a statement that 'must be true'?
My guess would be if the question explicitly asks "according to the statements above, if true, which of the following must also be true?" then it would be correct to choose the verbatim-from-stimulus answer, and if we're asked to draw an inference then it wouldn't be. But I've often seen the recommendation of answering the inference questions by simply identifying which of the answers 'must be true' as per the passage, and I reckon by that logic, the verbatim repetition should be correct for the inference questions, which I'm quite doubtful of.

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